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About Us

OneBusAway was originally created in Seattle by graduate students at the University of Washington.  For more information about the original OneBusAway application, go here

OneBusAway Atlanta was implemented by the Georgia Tech Urban Transportation Information Lab (UTIL), run by Dr. Kari Watkins.  Dr. Watkins is working with graduate students Candace Brakewood, Landon Reed and Tushar Humbe to understand the impact of information on transit riders. Initial development of OneBusAway in Atlanta was aided by Aaron Gooze and Derek Edwards. 

The OneBusAway Atlanta team would like to thank the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and  Atlanta Regional Commission for their support of the OneBusAway project.

This project is funded by the Georgia Tech GVU (Graphics, Visualization, and Usability) Center, The Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) and the National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management.  

Making OneBusAway Better

OneBusAway is open-source software, which makes it easy for the community to develop and add new features. If you are interested in bringing OneBusAway to your city or if you are a developer interested in improving OneBusAway, go here.