Native Android App


The official OneBusAway Android app may be downloaded here.

OneBusAway for Android was written by Seattle developer Paul Watts. The app combines a lot of the same features found in the OneBusAway native iPhone app, but has some new bells and whistles too, such as bus arrival alarms and route bookmarking. And just like OneBusAway, the app is open source too!

Features include:

  • Real-time arrival and departure information for public transit.
  • Map display of stops and routes.
  • Nearby stops search for location-aware devices.
  • Bookmarks and recent stop history.
  • Search for stops by route, address, and stop number.

For detailed instructions on how to use the app, see instructions below.


If you are having issues with the app, let us know.  Check out our contact page for details on getting in touch with us.


Hopefully the app is pretty easy to use. Here is a quick run down of the features of the app.



  • When the app launches, it immediately displays nearby stops on a map.
  • Click on a stop icon to see the name of the stop. Click 'Show Arrivals' to see real-time arrival and departure info for that stop. 
  • You can search for stops in other areas of the map by dragging and zooming the map.  Stops will only show up on the map if you zoom in reasonably close.
  • You can always return to your current location by pressing the cross-hairs button in the upper right.

Real-Time Information


  • Real-time arrival and departure information is shown for a selected stop.
  • The route number is listed on the left, the destination and predicted departure time are shown in the middle, and the number of minutes until departure is show on the right.
  • A time of "NOW" means the bus should be departing in the next minute or so. A time of "-4" minutes means the bus departed four minutes ago.
  • Colors: light green means the bus is on time, blue means the bus is late, red means the bus is early, and dark green (almost black) means that no real-time info is available for the bus.
  • Scheduled arrivals: if a bus is listed as a "scheduled arrival" in dark green (almost black), it means we have no real-time arrival prediction data for that bus.  As such, we default to showing the scheduled arrival time.
  • Click the refresh button in the upper-right to load the latest results.

Filtering Routes at a Stop


  • Filtering let's you set the sort order for the listing of real-time arrivals at a stop and set which routes will be displayed.
  • Filter settings are stop-specific.

Starred Stops


  • Choose the "My Stops" option from the settings menu to bring up your favorite stops.
  • Select one of your existing starred stops to bring up real-time arrival info for that stop.
  • To add a new starred stop, browse to a stop real-time arrival page (using the Map, Recent, or Search interfaces) and click on the star image next to the stop name.

Reporting a Problem


OneBusAway doesn't always work right, since the underlying data from the transit agencies often has errors that need to be fixed.  To make it easier to identify these issues, you can report problems directly from the application.  To report a problem, look for the "Report a Problem" button at the bottom of the screen when viewing arrival and departure info for a stop.

Location Services


Is OneBusAway having trouble figuring out your current location to show nearby stops?

  • Navigate to "Preferences" and select "Your region" to switch regions.